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Posted by on Aug 12, 2017

Skin Issues…

…are not always just a physical problem!  Stress and emotional issues can bring on skin troubles.  From acne, hives and fungal issues to chronic eczema, people suffer significant limitations in their life due to skin problems–  not just itchy dry skin!

Besides the work required to cover-up or treat the skin ailment symptoms, patients have sadly told me of the social embarrassment of skin ailments.  It can result in the withdrawal from social events or a limitation in participation (e.g. swimming, sports). This can take a toll on personal esteem and confidence, creating further stress.

In my treatment of skin disorders, I have found that there are typically other health issues “under the skin” that are creating the life-limiting skin symptoms a patient is experiencing.

I have treated a wide variety of skin complaints– acne in all ages, psoriasis, hives, blotching and swelling as well as ringworm. All of these patients had other health issues which were addressed at the same time. Homeopathy treats all of the health issues together.

What is underneath skin ailments?

There are many theories and causes behind various skin ailments. For acne, whether adult or teen, hormonal issues can create one of the most common skin complaints. Allergic skin reactions can accompany food allergies, bee stings, and environmental allergies.

How can Treatment by Energy Medicine help?

Besides providing relief in lessening the severity of the skin symptoms,  treatment can deal with the underlying chronic conditions resulting in the skin ailment.  Also treatment strengthens the immune system which means when the stress occurs again, it will be much less likely to result in intense skin symptoms.

Energy medicine can heal both periodic and chronic skin conditions. Even if the condition is part of larger chronic issues such as hormonal changes. Yes! even adult acne.

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