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Well-being is the natural and moral right of every person. I am dedicated to providing effective holistic treatment to achieve that outcome for my patients.


I use Energy Medicine including Homeopathy because it treats the whole person. That means treating all of your issues together- your insomnia, your performance anxiety, and even your warts.


This type of medicine is ecological, compassionate and comprehensive. It is a specific system of healing which utilizes the body’s ability to repair itself.


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Energy is the foundation of physical and emotional health.”

~ Donna Eden




Posted by on Feb 10, 2018 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Is menopause an illness?  Does it need to be treated?


No it isn’t an illness. Some women experience few limited symptoms during and leading up to a cessation of their menstruation as well as post menopause. For these women, herbal therapy and dietetic changes generally address their concerns.

However for women who have more than limited symptoms and who experience severe headaches, weight gain, irritability, depression and sweats, menopause can be extremely debilitating.

This condition requires and responds well to treatment that re-balances the hormone system. Energy medicine does that.


Will this energy medicine treatment address other symptoms I may have like sleeplessness and forgetfulness?

Many patients have told me that both of these issues are the worst aspect during the menopause or post-menopause period. Treatment can gently re-balance the hormonal system to alleviate the symptoms. No need for prescription hormones which have been found in studies to heighten the risk for different chronic diseases.


My doctor told me I am in peri-menopause. How does that differ from menopause?

Peri-menopause is a term allopaths use to describe when women still have their period but on an irregular basis, e.g. once every three months.  Natural medical treatment at this time works to ease your hormonal system reducing the symptoms resulting in a much less intense experience during full menopause.


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There are all kinds of addictions. Addictive behaviour can be a symptom of someone trying to cope with chronic mental and emotional issues.

Addictions are typically expressed through compulsive behaviour which can leave you feeling out of control, resulting in potentially greater physical and emotional harm.

How do you treat addiction?

There is no one way to treat addiction. Depending upon the type of addiction, you may have to first treat a physical dependency. Physical cravings maintain the addiction and can create much more serious health problems.

Support is essential during addiction treatment.  Friends and family as well as specialized addiction treatment, are essential to address the emotional and physical issues.

Natural energy medicine not only provides support for the issues of physical addiction but also targets the mental and emotional issues underlying the addiction.

What kind of addictions can your treatment address?

Whether strictly behavioural; video game addiction, gambling or shopping–or substance based; alcohol or drugs, energy medicine has been used successfully as part of addiction treatment.

The experience in my Practice is that it has had a positive impact on both the physical de-toxification and re-establishment of sleep patterns as well as in the reduction of cravings in different types of addictions.

Along with other therapies i.e. psychotherapy, twelve step programs, nutrition and exercise, patients have found that natural medical treatment gave them the ability to confront the emotional and mental issues underlying their addiction.

This treatment is gentle, non-invasive and strengthens the depleted immune system to allow you to recover from the debilitating effects of addiction.



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Pre-Menstrual Symptoms (PMS)  is a category of symptoms that women can experience as part of their monthly menstrual cycle.  PMS symptoms can vary month-to-month and are typically greatly affected by stress.

Symptoms emerge after ovulation but before the start of the menstrual flow at which point they subside.  Symptoms can include irritability, anxiety, sadness, bloating, sleep disorders, low back pain and headaches.

Hormones are controlled through our endocrine system. Emotions control our hormones through biochemical changes in the brain which are then secreted into the blood stream through endocrine glands.

Those women who experience severely disabling PMS symptoms may have a syndrome which is called Pre-Menstrual Disorphic Disorder (PMDD). It is typically treated with anti-depression medication.

Natural medical treatment of PMS/PMDD effectively addresses the root cause of the hormonal imbalance in the Endocrine system which results in the monthly symptoms.

Bringing balance back to your emotional, physical and mental well-being gently and effectively is the focus of energy medicine.