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Homeopathic Consultation



A consultation focuses on all aspects of your health issues- emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

The goal of the homeopathic physician is to recognize the unique expression of your symptoms and then identify and prescribe the appropriate remedy.

Determining the appropriate remedy depends on gaining a complete understanding of the patient as a whole person.


What do we talk about?


I complete an in-depth consultation covering all of your current health problems. There is no physical examination.

You will be asked questions about your physical, mental and emotional health issues, for example sleeping and eating habits.  Stresses and concerns in your life will also be discussed. Every consultation is unique to the patient. There are no set questions in the consultation.

I use the Patient History Form to provide me with the detailed information about your family and medical history.


How long is an appointment?


The first appointment takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours long. Children and pets can take less time depending upon the nature of the problem.


What happens after the consultation?


I analyze the results of the consultation and determine a remedy best suited for you to address your health concerns.

In addition to your health complaint, the following factors may play a part in a remedy selection:  your emotional and mental make-up and the way you respond to influences/stresses.

Once you take the remedy we arrange to talk (or e-mail) in two weeks time to see how you are responding.


What can I expect after taking the remedy?


Every person reacts differently. Generally, a remedy can act on acute or recent problems relatively quickly. Chronic illnesses typically require more time for changes to occur.


Follow-Up Appointment


After you take the remedy I will schedule a follow-up visit approximately six weeks after the initial appointment. Follow-up frequency depends upon the length and nature of your health complaint. These appointments are typically 45 minutes in length. Follow-ups assess your response to the remedy and map out future treatment.

Additional consultations and the overall duration of treatment will depend on the severity and length of your illness. More than one medicine may be required so that balance and full health can be restored.


Communication is a key aspect of my Practice. It is important for your treatment for me to understand how the remedy is addressing your health concerns.