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What is homeopathic treatment?


It is the customized treatment of your health problems through the stimulation of the body’s healing mechanism.

This type of medicine uniquely treats the root problems that are creating the imbalance in your health.

A Homeopath recognizes, through the unique expression of a patients’ symptoms, a remedy picture and prescribes an appropriate remedy to be taken. Each person may need a different remedy for the same illness, e.g. diabetes.


What are homeopathic remedies made of?


Minerals, plants and other sources provide the majority of the substances used to make remedies.

The substance is specially prepared in a homeopathic pharmacy through a series of dilutions and succussions which result in a potentized medicinal remedy. This process imprints a unique energetic pattern from the medicinal substance throughout the solution of water.


Are homeopathic remedies safe?


Remedies are created from natural substances. They are an energetic imprint of the substance.

Remedies are non-toxic, have no side effects and are not tested on animals. They are sustainably prepared and humanely procured.

Remedies are safe for people of all ages, children, pregnant and nursing women and animals. There are no known drug interactions between homeopathic remedies and conventional drugs.


Do I have to stop taking my medication when I take a remedy?


No. Homeopathic remedies will not interfere with conventional medications.

Also, you don’t have to stop your current diet, other treatments or change your lifestyle. Both Attunement and Homeopathic Treatment work on an energetic level and won’t interfere with materially based treatments. There are no side effects from Attunement or Homeopathic Treatment.

These treatments will boost your immune system and you will find less need for other treatments and medications.  Any change in your conventional medications should be discussed with your physician.


How do remedies work?


Homeopathic remedies stimulate healing through the principle” like cures like”, one of the tenets of homeopathic medicine.

This is the opposite of the action of conventional medicines. They typically shut the body’s reaction down, e.g. anti-histamine—they block the histamine reaction to substances that cause an allergic reaction.  Blocking a reaction typically wears off and a patient then sees a return of symptoms.


What is the science behind homeopathy?


Nobel Prize-winning research in the field of quantum physics is shedding light on how homeopathy works. Until recently we saw that homeopathic treatment had worked over 200 years of clinical experience but with no physical explanation of the underlying mechanisms.

There is a large body of studies (2,000 plus) collated by Dr. Iris Bell which provides insights into these mechanisms.


What is your success rate with chronic issues, like insomnia?


Many patients come with sleep problems. In addition to depression and anxiety, it is one of the most presented conditions for treatment.  I have successfully treated these conditions.


Is there a condition you can’t treat?


Homeopathy and Attunement treat a wide range of conditions- acute illnesses, e.g. fever, trauma, and chronic health issues, e.g. arthritis, depression.   All homeopathic treatment boosts and supports your immune system.


How often do I have to come? How soon will I respond to treatment?


It depends on the condition you are having treated. Long-standing conditions typically take longer to treat.  Depending upon the chronicity of the illness, more than one follow-up may be necessary to fully restore your health.

Homeopathic treatment and Attunement focus on balancing your system so your body can treat the condition itself.  Acute and recent conditions require less treatment and typically improve at a faster rate.


How does an Attunement session work?


Attunement sessions create positive shifts in consciousness to release a healing energy through a person’s body, mind, and emotions.

Practitioners transmit universal life energy through their hands to the patient.  The patient lies on a massage table fully clothed. There is little to no touching during the session.

The primary connecting points are the endocrine glands. The endocrine glands are portals for universal life energy of the individual.  Receiving an Attunement opens the endocrine system more fully to the life energy within the patient.