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Carol Jones

How did an Economist become educated and trained as a homeopath?


In my 20s, while working for the Ontario Treasury Department I developed debilitating allergies and began searching for something that wouldn’t make me drowsy and irritable.  I wandered through health food stores looking for a solution. I saw a flyer for a presentation about homeopathic treatment, was intrigued and attended. It was my first exposure to alternative medicine.

It was amazing! I had an “ah-ha” moment during Dr. Trevor Cook’s presentation, at that time Queen Elizabeth’s physician.

I had graduated from University with an undergraduate degree in Science focusing on Biology and Chemistry.  But I was never introduced to Homeopathic Medicine.  A whole new world opened for me. I was hooked!

My epiphany led me to a local Russian trained homeopath (allergies cured!)  and then inspired me to study homeopathy.

I updated my physiology and anatomy from my university degree and then studied locally at the Toronto School of Homeopathy and continued with The School of Homeopathy (Devon U.K.)

After practicing for several years, I heard about a post-graduate program led by cutting-edge Canadian homeopath, Louis Klein F.S. Hom. I continued my studies with the completion of the post-graduate Master Clinician Course  (done twice in eight years). Lou’s program expanded my skills and my knowledge enormously.

I loved it!  I knew I had found my passion. I still feel the same 20 plus years later.

I regularly attend seminars, research, and training all over the world. I love to incorporate new methods and therapies into my Practice.

A recent passion has been learning about the Plant Theory developed by Jan Scholten.  My current research is how crystal energies connect with the Periodic Table.  My education never ends. Energy medicine is my passion.

I have been in practice for over 20 years at first in downtown Toronto and now all over the world through Skype, FaceTime and other online platforms treating adults, children, and pets.

I am a Registered member of the Society of Homeopaths (RSHom) in England, an Associate Member of the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH),  a Member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC)  and of the International Association of Attunement Practitioners (IAAP).

Until the April 1, 2015 provincial legislation, I practiced as a Homeopath in Ontario for almost 20 years. I chose not to become a member of the College given my Practice has a significant and increasing number of international patients. Membership in The Society of Homeopaths (RSHom) an International Homeopathic Registrar better meets the requirements of my patients both in Canada and around the world.