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Patient Feedback

“I have been a patient of Carol’s for many years. I was living in Vancouver and was under the therapeutic care of Homeopath Louis Klein. I asked Louis if he could refer me to a practitioner in Toronto.”

“He said Carol was a brilliant student of his and he had the highest regard for her. That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.”

 “Carol has a level of integrity that is refreshing and admirable. Her work is of a high caliber and I find her honest and totally committed to not only me but my children and grandchildren. I have been a nurse for 47 years so I know the kind of care I want for myself and my family. Carol meets all my expectations.”


“I have recommended Carol to numerous patients of mine over the years. Apart from my children and grandchildren, two of my siblings and a niece and her daughter are patients of Carol’s also. Thank you for this opportunity to express my love and gratitude for all the compassion and deep caring that Carol has given to all of us”.


Sheila M.