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My Practice



A strong vitality and well-being is the natural and moral right of every person. I am dedicated to providing effective, comprehensive holistic treatment to assist a patient’s return to health.


The intention of my Practice is to help people solve their health issues.  Seeing clearly is difficult when you are stressed and anxious or experiencing health problems.

I strive to help patients create balance in their lives through the use of natural holistic medicine and Attunement so they can move through life’s challenges with ease.

People often seek my services when they find allopathic medications don’t work or produce unwanted side effects. Others want to get off of harmful medications and try a supportive natural approach to healing.

Communication is a key characteristic of my practice.  I encourage patients to let me know how they are responding to the treatment. Patients tell me my work is inclusive, thorough and empathetic.

As more effective and new techniques for energy medicine are developed, l integrate them into my Practice so patients receive the most current treatment available.

In addition to my Practice, I also teach, publish and do regular research. I also provide Attunement treatments which work with the body’s energy field and endocrine system. (see the section on Attunement)


My enthusiasm for my work is only matched by my love for the world around me.