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Posted by on Oct 15, 2017


Stress– we are told it is a normal part of life.  It is a natural response of our body which protects us. What happens when it is too much?

What is stress?

It is the way we react to things that we feel place demands or threats on us. They can be good or bad.

Our reaction to those demands or threats is what can manifest in physical, mental or emotional symptoms that create problems in our lives.

Continual or chronic stress can also exacerbate underlying present health conditions.

What are some symptoms of chronic stress?

Anxiety, sleeplessness, eating disorders, nausea, chest pain, memory and concentration problems as well as depression and never-ending colds and flu can all result from stress.

What can be done to relieve stress using natural medical treatment?

Treatment through Energy Medicine effectively addresses the stress affecting your health.  Whether it is a new job with high expectations, a family illness or a recent trauma, the treatment can target your health issues by supporting the body to return to a balanced state of stress response.

Your responses to stress will be appropriate and limited– not an overreaction resulting in debilitating chronic health issues.

Additionally, you will not experience any side effects from the treatment. I often hear patients complain about horrible side effects after taking doctor prescribed anti-anxiety or depression medications.

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