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Posted by on Nov 17, 2017



There are all kinds of addictions. Addictive behaviour can be a symptom of someone trying to cope with chronic mental and emotional issues.

Addictions are typically expressed through compulsive behaviour which can leave you feeling out of control, resulting in potentially greater physical and emotional harm.

How do you treat addiction?

There is no one way to treat addiction. Depending upon the type of addiction, you may have to first treat a physical dependency. Physical cravings maintain the addiction and can create much more serious health problems.

Support is essential during addiction treatment.  Friends and family as well as specialized addiction treatment, are essential to address the emotional and physical issues.

Homeopathy not only provides support for the issues of physical addiction but also targets the mental and emotional issues underlying the addiction.

What kind of addictions can homeopathy treat?

Whether strictly behavioural; video game addiction, gambling or shopping–or substance based; alcohol or drugs, homeopathy has been used successfully as part of addiction treatment.

The experience in my Practice is that homeopathy has had a positive impact on both the physical de-toxification and re-establishment of sleep patterns as well as in the reduction of cravings in different types of addictions.

Along with other therapies  i.e. psychotherapy, twelve step programs, nutrition and exercise, patients have found that homeopathic treatment gave them the ability to confront the emotional and mental issues underlying their addiction.

Homeopathic treatment is gentle, non-invasive and strengthens the depleted immune system to allow you to recover from the debilitating effects of addiction.


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